Are you interested in a lifetime career in bookkeeping, TV / VCR repair, hotel management, or private investigating? If not, Punch Jump wants you to serve the internets with news. Active positions below:

Video Games Review Assistant

The Video Games Review Assistant will help to test out the latest multiplayer video games.


We need a Las Vegas resident to help us review multiplayer titles in the Sin City office. What happens here, stays here.

To apply send an email [no attachments] with the subject: Video Games Review Assistant to

Video Games Editor Intern

The Video Games Editor Intern will be responsible for deadline-based writing in the News, Betas, and Finals section. Editor will write daily news updates, punctual video game previews, and reviews on new and upcoming video games for all current consoles.


We want you to be the next Punch Jump editor! Ideal candidate will have strong written communication skills to produce informative, entertaining, and concise articles. Candidate must have thorough video game knowledge and strong interest in major video game genres, including action, adventure, RPGs, puzzles, racing, and sports games

To apply send an email [no attachments] with the subject: Video Games Editor to

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